600+ Kitchen/Bathroom Worktops

One thing we hear a lot from our customers is "I didn't know you sold worktops, someone recommended you to me". While it is always great to hear that we are being recommended by satisfied customers, we thought it was about time to give you more information about the ranges of worktops and worktop services we offer...

  1. We have been specialists in laminate worktops for over 10 years now and (like everything else we offer) we make sure we have good knowledge of them before we put them on sale so, it's safe to say there's not much we don't know about worktops!
  2. We offer the widest range of laminate worktops in East Anglia. Yes, that's right we offer a staggering 20 different brands. That's 600+ different designs to choose from.
  3. For in store purchases, we offer bespoke cutting to any worktops. All straight cuts are completely FREE and it doesn't matter how many you need per worktop. Mitre joints, sink cuts and curved breakfast bar ends are also available at a fee. We even offer an edging service. Ask in store for more details.
  4. Come and visit our main worktop showroom at our Norwich store, here we have every worktop available, all ready to be viewed.
  5. Our website shows less than half the amount of worktops we specialise in. So a visit to store is a must. Brands not featured on our website that are available in store include Egger, Fenix, Mirostone, Laminwood, Bushboard Encore, Bushboard Evolve, Tuscan and Getalit.
  6. We also offer solid wood, solid surfaced, stone and resin worktops.
  7. We have all the worktop accessories available to complete your installation to the highest standard, from Colorfill to metal joiners, mitre bolts to breakfast bar legs.
  8. We can help you choose the perfect worktop to suit your lifestyle and budget. We can also assist you in choosing the most economical size of worktop to suit your kitchen.

Mr Plastic Worktop/Kitchen Showroom #1

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