Solvent Weld vs Push Fit

There are two main types of waste systems available in the plastic building market. These are Solvent Weld ABS and Push Fit. We do get asked manyquestions about the difference between the two systems and which system is best for which application. Well here is a short and easy go-to list to help you choose the correct system for your installation...

  • Solvent Weld Systems require the use of Solvent Cement to create a permanent fix between the pipe and fittings
  • Push Fit systems are a simply push together system where no adhesive or cement is required

  • Solvent Weld systems are commonly used by professionals in commercial applications. The system can also be used in residential applications
  • Push Fit systems are commonly used in residential applications only where the need to move or access the system may be required.

  • Solvent Weld systems are made from ABS plastic and sometimes PVC
  • Push Fit systems are made from Polypropylene.

  • Solvent weld fittings do not have an internal rubber seal as these fittings will be permanently fixed to the pipe
  • Push Fit fittings have a black internal rubber seal to grip onto the pipe

Push Fit WasteSolvent Weld Waste

A few things to be aware of when purchasing a waste system

  • It is not possible to use Push Fit waste fittings with solvent weld pipe and vice versa. If you need to join the two systems together, the best solution is to use a universal compression fitting
  • Polypipe waste systems are compatible with many other brands of waste system such as Brett Martin, Floplast, Terrain, Hepworth, Osma, Hunter and Marley.. The only thing to remember is the pipe and fittings must match (Push Fit to Push Fit and Solvent Weld to Solvent Weld)
  • Both systems may be called 32mm, 40mm and 50mm however they are slightly different to this in their exact measurements:
    • 32mm solvent weld pipe has an external diameter of 36mm
    • 32mm push fit pipe has an external diameter of 34mm
    • 40mm solvent weld pipe has an external diameter of 43mm
    • 40mm push fit pipe has an external diameter of 41mm
    • 50mm solvent weld pipe has an external diameter of 55mm
    • 50mm push fit pipe has an external diameter of 54mm

Still not entirely sure which system to choose?

Our recommendation would be to use the Solvent Weld where there is risk of impact to the system such as outside on the side of a building. Solvent Weld is also a more slim line system compared to Push Fit. Other than this it really is a personal choice.

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